Divided By Frost (The Null Device Summerbreeze Mix)

by OncetheSun



OncetheSun's "Divided by Frost" as remixed by Eric Oehler of NULL DEVICE!!!


Divided By Frost

Why is your body so cold? And what happened to you? To have it end like this, In my eyes, that would be cruel. And now I kneel for you, With this I do today. Your life was struggled, And was stressed out everyday. That time is done, That time is gone, Now that you left I don’t know how To live today, That time is done, that time is gone, The wish I wanted wont be granted To me.

(CHORUS) How can I see you through my frozen eyes? Why is it that you cry when someone dies?

You ask one thing of me, Make you a memory, Tell them your story So they’ll see what I see. I only ask one thing, This question not to you. Can He take you to a world so pure and true?


All those words that I had said to you, When I was still alive, I love you. So why is it, you bleed out all this sorrow? No one is guaranteed tomorrow.



released December 23, 2013



all rights reserved