The Day You Said Goodbye (You say goodbye, I say hello remix by the Dark Clan)

by OncetheSun



OncetheSun's "The Day You Said Goodbye" as remixed by Dan Clark of the Dark Clan!!!


The Day You Said Goodbye

Your silence speaks, Loudly and clearly in numbers. I guess that it’s time I let you go. I know, no apology will bring you back, Cause I’ve really done it this time.

(CHORUS) I won’t be sleeping for nights to come, Please forgive me for
what I have done. And I’ll stay here, Waiting till it all runs out, Until I break and I bleed if that’s even enough.

I don’t want one damn thing from you, That’s just what you’re asking me for. I will await the day you want me again, Except I’ll be worlds away, Where you can’t find me.



released March 6, 2012



all rights reserved